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Social Media Marketing

I specialize in monetizing Social Media and measuring return on marketing investment. I leverage Social Media to gather valuable insights from customers and prospects to deliver compelling behavioral programs. You can read more in the Social Media section of my blog.

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Marketing Automation

I have spent a great deal of time throughout my career developing powerful leads nurturing programs. I am currently very involved in deploying Eloqua with active segmentation mechanisms and a complex scoring model. Read more in the Marketing Automation section of my blog.

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Marketing Attribution

I am a believer in measuring the effectiveness of marketing channels through key performance indicators. I understand multi-channels attribution and how to measure success all the way to actual transactions. Read more in the Marketing Attribution section of my blog.

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Passion for Digital Marketing

I love sharing my passion for the field of Digital Marketing and will be posting blog articles on various subjects on a regular basis. The space is evolving daily so feel free to contribute to my blog articles with your comments.

A recent LinkedIn testimonial from a Sr. level Marketing Executive I used to collaborate with.

Katie Pierini, SVP, General Manager and Partner at LEWIS PR said on Linkedin: "I met Stephan when he ran marketing for a division of Mitchell International. He was one of the most forward-thinking marketers I've ever worked with. Stephan's drive to never stop learning in his quest to do ever-better by his employer made him a fun and inspiring client. He insisted on measurable results, then worked to consistently exceed goals. Stephan also seemed to motivate his team to share in his positivity and hard work. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again."